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RMT Cupping Massage Treatment

60 min $111 (all prices include HST) 

90 min $156 | 120 min $211 | 30 min $68 | 45 min $90


Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a form of negative pressure massage, created when suction is applied to the skin and muscle. With roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and stretching back as far as Ancient Egypt, cupping has long been used as a healing modality. Modern cupping treatments employ silicone or plastic cups; trained practitioners use various techniques, including gliding and stationary placement, to create negative pressure that massages muscles, increases circulation, reduces inflammation, and promotes lymphatic drainage. Cupping treatments can help to address:

  • muscle and joint pain, limited range of motion and arthritic pain 
  • abdominal pain, menstrual pain and indigestion 
  • headaches and migraines 
  • hypertension 
  • edema and swelling 
  • headaches and migraine pain 
  • coughs, colds and congestion

People often mistake the marks received from cupping treatments for bruises, but in fact, cupping marks are a result of the body's histamine response to negative pressure. No injury is cause to the blood vessels and these marks are not painful. The discolouration fades within minutes to hours after treatment. Some clients have a stronger histamine response than others. Occasionally marks may persist longer if the muscle tissue is injured or there is local blood congestion. In these cases, marks will fade in 1-3 days, or 3-5 days in more severe cases.  

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